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With this program, you will be able to give each student the benefit of targeted instruction aimed at his or her weakest skills identified by comprehensive diagnostic tests. Whether you are reviewing the fundamentals or just familiarizing students with testing format, this program will help to turn…

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Improve your students test-taking and language arts skills in just minutes a day with over 180 ready-to-use exercises based on national and state standards. Ranging from writing prompts and editing exercises to mythology and vocabulary practice, Daily Warm-Ups are the perfect way to center students…

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Do your students moan when you mention grammar? It's long been taught through memorization and skill-and-drill, not very fun at all. Humor, whimsical illustrations, and lots of examples make this grammar book a breath of fresh air. You and your students will enjoy Painless Grammar.

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…that involves students in working with real-life models, creating and evaluating their own writing portfolios, and learning to see writing, grammar, and literature as inseparable pieces of the language arts. Over 350 pages of writing activities, teacher and student models, and guidelines help…

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Analyze your students comprehension of grammar with the Grammar Proficiency Test eLesson from Prestwick House! This comprehensive, reproducible test with teacher answer key covers all the skills needed to assess grammar proficiency including capitalization, punctuation, parts of speech, subject and…

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Each Lesson Launcher boasts 85 ready-to-use, reproducible lessons on everything from vocabulary basics to parts of speech. These brief, 5-10 minute lessons pack a punch and are also great for filling extra time at the beginning and end of class, or even as a transitional lesson to focus students as…

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Grade 8-Adult; Readability, Grade 5 oAssists students with the more challenging points of grammar oAssures students' understanding with a full system of review, analysis, and application oEncourages active learning with over 150 reproducible lessons, exercises, and tests

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While most texts that claim to teach the writing of sentences are actually little more than "drill-and-kill" grammar texts, The Art of Styling Sentences, Fourth Edition actually teaches the composition of the sentence. Twenty basic sentence patterns, what they mean, and when they are best used form…

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Identify and correct grammar and mechanics problems quickly and efficiently with Mastery of Grammar and Mechanics: An Individualized Program. Twelve of the most troubling areas for students, such as showing possession, subject/verb agreement, and using proper punctuation, are clearly explained in…

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…that students will love;* start every day with a quick reading response activity;* give your students the perfect opportunity to develop good grammar habits. Great teachers help their students focus on writing. With Prestwick House’s Response Journals, your students will: * Learn to develop…

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These eight posters (24" x 35") are done in a humorous style that will catch your students' attention. They come with reproducible instructions that are designed to reinforce ideas by encouraging students to make their own parts of speech posters.

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