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Revised 2nd Edition! New and updated images illustrate 18 literary devices confusing to students. Illustrations and explanations help students understand concepts rather than merely memorize definitions. Grades 9-12 Allegory Alliteration Allusion Apostrophe Assonance Consonance Dialogue Hyperbole…

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…worlds of fiction with Prestwick House's Headlines posters! Capture your students' attention with these 11" x 17" posters, stylized to resemble gossip tabloids and front-page newspaper articles. Each title-specific set comes with three posters highlighting themes and events from the plot, and…

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Poetry Forms and Genres - Literary Poster Set SKU: 01-P15 This set of 10 posters illustrates several poetry terms including "ballad," "narrative," "blank verse," "epic," "free verse," "limerick," "lyric," "ode," "sonnet," and "villanelle." They highlight classic poems by Poe, Wilde, Keats, Dante,…

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