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Illustrate the most effective rhetorical devices with this set of three full-color posters which use these devices in colorful newspaper-style headlines that will make your students remember how to recognize rhetorical language.

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…Each set of eight posters includes an answer key, a reproducible lesson packet that explains the rule, and twenty practice sentences to reinforce the rule. Use the exercises to introduce a poster each week or to fill gaps in your schedule. Each set includes eight posters, reproducible exercise,…

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Fully colorized posters from the hilarious mnemonic cartoons from Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots! Many vocabulary programs are focused on preparing students for a test from week to week, but Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots teaches skills that they can use for a lifetime. Students learn…

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This set of ten grammar posters differs from our full-sized set in dimension only. All of the information and graphics are the same but in condensed form so they fit into tight spaces. Ideal for grouping on bulletin boards. Set includes posters titled Lay/Lie, Effect/Affect, Hear/Here, Two/To/Too,…

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Decorate your classroom with nine full-color 11" x 17" posters for some of the greatest books of all time. * Adventures of Huckleberry Finn* The Call of the Wild* A Christmas Carol* Frankenstein* Hamlet* A Midsummer Night's Dream* Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass* Romeo and Juliet* A Tale…

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Revised 2nd Edition! New and updated images illustrate 18 literary devices confusing to students. Illustrations and explanations help students understand concepts rather than merely memorize definitions. Grades 9-12 Allegory Alliteration Allusion Apostrophe Assonance Consonance Dialogue Hyperbole…

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Twenty full-color posters portray scenes from various types of novels to illustrate key literary concepts. Each poster builds on earlier ones in the set to give students a solid foundation in the elements of literature. Alone, these posters enliven your classroom; with the masters, they form a…

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Our hard-hitting sentences and visuals, accompanied by reproducible activities, nail down eight important features of style that students will remember long after they leave school.

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These vivid, exciting posters are sure to get your students interested in the excitement and power of these great classic novels. Each poster is based on the reality of the book, not a distorted Hollywood version. Each full-color 11" x 17" poster has a quote from the book that portrays a significant…

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(Grades 7 & up) Each 5'' x 16'' poster features: a word chosen from among the most widely-studied vocabulary words and a brief definition. a sentence using the word in context an illustration portraying the word in a familiar or memorable setting. Posters are ideal as self-teaching vocabulary…

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…taken by heroes in the classics, they not only learn valuable interdisciplinary skills, but they begin to see these books as taking place in a real world and gain a better grasp of the plot of the story. Give your students a new perspective on The Odyssey with this full-color 11" x 17" poster.

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Poetry Forms and Genres - Literary Poster Set SKU: 01-P15 This set of 10 posters illustrates several poetry terms including "ballad," "narrative," "blank verse," "epic," "free verse," "limerick," "lyric," "ode," "sonnet," and "villanelle." They highlight classic poems by Poe, Wilde, Keats, Dante,…

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