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Teach the finer points of grammar, punctuation, and proofreading with the Prestwick House Language Skills Power Presentations Complete Set. Easy to use on any computer, these effective presentations will help you make the most of group learning in your classroom.

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Included in this package: Parts of Speech Improving Sentences Punctuation Practice Proof Your Writing I Proof Your Writing II Revising Paragraphs Writing Descriptive and Narrative Paragraphs

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This PowerPoint presentation will surely delight students with a keen ear for playful language and introduce them to literary terms they didn’t even know existed. Colorful (and often amusing) drawings and audio pronunciations for each term will draw your students’ attention and give them…

Our Price: $29.99
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The 11 Techniques of Propaganda PowerPresentation is an easy-to-use, highly visual method of teaching your students how to analyze media messages and dramatically improve their written and oral communication skills. In-depth slides filled with definitions, examples, and exercises can be used in…

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Parts of Speech clearly distinguishes the building blocks of language and ensures that your students have a thorough understanding of the different parts of speech and how each one is used.

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…Teach vocabulary and boost critical reading and writing skills with Vocabulary Power Plus Classic, the perfect tool for vocabulary instruction. This complete package contains: * 30 Student Workbooks* A Teacher’s Edition* Introduction and Practice PowerPoints* Test and Alternate Test Packs

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Our Price: $399.99

Roots Prefixes and Suffixes is the perfect way to introduce your students to ten of the most common Latin and Greek roots. Using context clues, students are guided through exercises in recognizing and defining common root words and then challenged to use their new knowledge to decipher unfamiliar…

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Writing Descriptive & Narrative Paragraphs helps your students better understand how to write paragraphs that come to life and keep the reader interested.

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Proof Your Writing I gives students practice in the skills that will help them improve their own writing, focusing on punctuation errors and commonly confused words. Includes reproducible worksheets on the CD so your students can work along with the presentation.

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…their seats and participating as you test both reading comprehension and recall in a way that will keep them motivated. Presented in easy-to-use PowerPoint, each game consists of three rounds with twenty regular questions and one bonus question. Perfect for use with your classroom whiteboard, each…

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Introduce your students to Shakespeare's rhetoric and spark engaging classroom discussions using engaging, standards-based PowerPresentations. Within each title-specific presentation, over 25 rhetorical devices are defined and illustrated with one or more quotations, highlighting both their function…

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Help students shine on the written portion of any standardized test by teaching the skills they need to craft powerful, compelling arguments using rhetorical devices. Based on our best-selling text Rhetorical Devices: A Handbook and Activities for Student Writers, this easy-to-use presentation gives…

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