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Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll's sequel to Alice in Wonderland uses chess as a metaphor for fate. The Teaching Unit for Through the Looking Glass gives you a comprehensive academic framework that saves you hours of prep work. You can rely on this well-researched unit as a strong base for…

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The Scarlet Letter tells of Hester Prynne's struggle to repent her sin of adultery and make a new life for herself among the puritanical community. This AP* Literature Teaching Unit helps you teach The Scarlet Letter and at the same time prepare your students for the AP Literature and Composition…

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This allegorical novel, now a classic of 20th-century literature, probes the dark side of human nature that lurks beneath the thin veneer of civilization. In this program - enriched by footage from the 1963 black-and-white film directed by Peter Brook - literary experts discuss the novel's religious…

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The Old Man and the Sea tells of an aging fisherman and his struggle to overcome a giant marlin in the Gulf Stream. This AP* Literature Teaching Unit helps you teach The Old Man and the Sea and at the same time prepare your students for the AP Literature and Composition Exam. It's easy to add this…

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Our user-friendly Novel Tests contain everything you need to assess your students' understanding of the works you're teaching. The Ethan Frome Novel Test comes complete with multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, and essay questions as well as a comprehensive answer key.

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Help your students become immersed in the literature they are studying. Take their understanding and enjoyment to a whole new level with the Characterization - Activity for Chapter 2 eLesson from the Great Gatsby Activity Pack. Each interactive, hands-on activity contains clear-cut directions to…

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The Personal War Experience Theme Pack Contains LitPlan Teacher Packs and Puzzle Packs for: A Farewell to Arms The Red Badge of Courage The Things They Carried

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…Practice Book One Reading Informational Texts: Book One Teachers Edition Romeo and Juliet Teaching Unit Glass Menagerie Activity Pack Fahrenheit 451 Activity Pack To Kill a Mockingbird Levels of Understanding Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Activity Pack Old Man and the Sea Teaching Unit Diary of…

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…assassins in a world in which reading is unheard of, this thrilling adventure will hook reluctant readers and pairs well with books like Fahrenheit 451 and Inkheart. This novel just might become your students’ favorite book of the year. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback…

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Teach all of the most popular literature title with LitPlan Teacher Packs—comprehensive step-by-step literature guides that are perfect for the novice teacher, the seasoned professional, and every teacher in between. Each standards-based LitPlan Teacher Pack contains over 150 pages of…

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