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Twain’s classic, imaginative story of boyhood follows Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer through their hilarious misadventures. Though less weighty than Huck Finn, the light-heartedness of the story and its telling makes this a favorite among teachers and students. Tom Sawyer is generally considered the…

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Make learning about literature both fun and effective and have other teachers asking how you get your students so excited to learn with Prestwick House Activity Packs! Get students thinking strategically about elements like theme, symbols, characterization, and allusion using dozens of fun…

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a story about a boy's search for buried treasure, in the form of a coming-of-age story. This AP* Literature Teaching Unit helps you teach The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and at the same time prepare your students for the AP Literature and Composition Exam. It's easy to…

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It's hard to overestimate the influence Huckleberry Finn has had on the literature, conscience, and culture of America. Every student needs to read this book—and most will love it. Twain's masterpiece is not simply a story of a boy's adventures—it's more of a compelling, hilarious,…

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…language, full-color illustrations, and complete plotlines, make the stories interesting and accessible to nearly any student. Help bring The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to life with the graphic novel. While the books are aimed at both middle school students and struggling readers in high school,…

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Included are "The Adventure of the Dancing Men," in which the sudden appearances of mysterious stick–figure drawings prove disastrous to a country squire and his bride; "The Adventure of the Dying Detective," in which Holmes appears to have contracted a mysterious Asian…

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…Power Packs contain everything you need to strengthen your students reading skills a must-have for every middle grades classroom! The Giver Adventure Activity for Chapters 21-23 contains a reproducible skills-based activity created especially for students in grades 4-8 along with a comprehensive…

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Add Safeguards to your classroom library today and ensure that your favorite titles are prepared to stand up to heavy student use for years to come. Using only the highest-quality bindings to add value and durability, we create each of the Prestwick House Safeguard editions with care and back up our…

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One of the most famous stories ever written, Lewis Carroll's vivid fantasy world will come alive in the imaginations of your students as they read. Playing with logic and using nonsense and absurdity to comment on reality, this classic tale is perfect for introducing illogicality and irrationality…

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Sure, a movie based on a good book can be an excuse for not reading the book, but when viewed immediately after reading, it can also provide many benefits for your students. The movie can help clarify difficult concepts or scenes that your students may have missed. Great discussion questions and…

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Many students, even some very good ones, do not internalize voice and intonation when they read. As a result, these students, lacking phrasing, intonation, and the ability to utilize multiple voices while they read, find reading literature, with its unfamiliar vocabulary and complete-compound…

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Lead your students on a heros quest and become the most fun teacher in your department while teaching the skills your students need to perform well on standardized tests! Teaching narrative and descriptive writing through the lens of fantasy, this reproducible guide provides over 240 pages of…

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