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…grammar in your classroom. Each set of plans covers one or two essential elements of English: * Run-ons and fragments* Commas and apostrophes* Verbs* Modifiers and pronouns* Subject/verb and pronoun/antecedent agreement Each guide provides you with 10 days of class material that can stand alone or…

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This unique approach to grammar instruction will get your students out of their seats and vying against each other for a better understanding of language and grammar. Filled with over175 fun, exciting, and different improvisational games, these books are a great resource to add to your bag of…

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…Quest, the Baptism, the Symbolism of Seasons, and many more of our favorite literary themes are thoughtfully simplified to their lowest common denominators so that students and teachers can recognize and intelligently discuss them in class and in writing. All that and an entertaining read to boot.

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…suitable for grades 4-10, the activities are varied and interesting, and there are detailed rubrics for scoring student writing. It will enable your class to analyze, compare, and write more clearly. Crafting Expository Papers In a clear, no-nonsense style, Crafting Expository Papers makes teaching…

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…so after the events in Mockingbird will be sure to raise new issues, open up new discussion topics, and add an element of controversy to your class discussions this year. While many readers expressed their disappointment at the way familiar characters have changed, these changes bring new…

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…and are also great for filling extra time at the beginning and end of class, or even as a transitional lesson to focus students as you shift gears between topics. Includes all 4 Lesson Launder books: Vocabulary Basics, Analogies, Basic Grammar and Usage, and Parts of Speech in one low priced set!

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This best-selling elementary level dictionary and thesaurus set is the perfect companion for both class work and homework at an unbeatable price. The set covers over 37,000 definitions and 122,000 synonyms, antonyms, and related words along with bonus material including world maps, a list of…

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…use of language, divergent thinking, creativity, and brainstorming. Students write highbrow versions of familiar commercials, think up names and slogans for new products, list 25 synonyms for the tired word "good," and much more. Teacher notes and answer key accompany the set. (Grades 10-12)

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Teach the finer points of grammar, punctuation, and proofreading with the Prestwick House Language Skills Power Presentations Complete Set. Easy to use on any computer, these effective presentations will help you make the most of group learning in your classroom.

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…Ranging from writing prompts and editing exercises to mythology and vocabulary practice, Daily Warm-Ups are the perfect way to center students before class, wrap up the last few minutes of the period, or even extend student learning as a homework assignment. Books labeled "Level I" are designed for…

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…that your students may have missed. Great discussion questions and writing prompts come from examining the differences between the book and the film. And a movie is a great reward for a class that has struggled through a difficult book. Includes both the Prestwick House Teaching Unit and Video.

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