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This new edition of a perennial bestseller combines a completely updated dictionary, thesaurus, and world atlas into an economical, ready-reference book perfect for home, school, and the office. Clear, concise dictionary definitions and an easy-to-use thesaurus bring the world of words to everyones…

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Revised and updated for 2020, the 11th edition of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines the contemporary vocabulary of American English. This dictionary includes over 225,000 definitions and 42,000 usage examples, with newly added words spanning a variety of fields, including science,…

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Of the many symbolism books I've reviewed, I find this one to be the most worthwhile. The entries are clear, direct, and satisfying in their length and scope.

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The official dictionary of the APA, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal is an obvious winner. One look inside will show you why its so popular. Built to last and loaded with unique features like examples, synonyms, cautions, explanations of over 12,000 Americanisms, 850+ illustrations, photos,…

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While slightly more concise than the NTC hardcover edition, this softcover book by Oxford University Press is only about one-half the price, yet still covers the important aspects one expects in a Shakespeare resource.

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Part of the richness of the English language is its willingness to adopt and adapt words and phrases from other languages, The Facts on File Dictionary of Words and Phrases explores the roots and meanings of more than 4,000 terms and expressions we use in everyday writing and speaking. This is an…

Our Price: $45.00

This 2,256-page hardcover has more than 330,000 words and definitions in large, clear type and over 1,000 illustrations. Entries include pronunciations, variant spellings, and word derivations. Provides a "New Words" section with the latest additions to the language and a "Handbook of Style."

Our Price: $39.95

…you can have Merriam-Webster quality in a trim and sleek format you can literally take with you everywhere. Cramming 40,000 terms in a book thats less than six inches long and one inch thick, this dictionary is the definition of concise. And its relevant, too, with only the most commonly-used words.

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If your students sometimes confuse words like affect and effect, apprise and apprize, arrant and errant, complimentary and complementary, you'll find this a handy desk reference. (And if your students don't confuse these pairs of words, tell us your secret!)

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Getting your class to open up a dictionary is a chore no more when Garfield is there to give you a hand. With more than 65,000 entries, this dictionary is useful for almost any classroom purpose. Your students will be going to the dictionary at every possible opportunity, thanks to Garfield's Daffy…

Our Price: $12.95

…in their reading, and you struggle to explain it. You do not really understand your students' colloquialisms, nor they yours. The McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs explains more than 24,000 phrases and expressions so everyone can understand everyone else, students will…

Our Price: $28.00
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