Divine Comedy

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The Inferno is the first part of Dante Alighieri's epic poem that portrays his journey through hell. The Teaching Unit for The Inferno gives you a comprehensive academic framework that saves you hours of prep work. You can rely on this well-researched unit as a strong base for your lesson plan…

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John Ciardi’s classic translation of Dante’s dramatic poem depicting a journey through the torments of Hell is an expression of attitudes of the Middle Ages and an allegory depicting the many ways man has gone against God’s plan. The grandeur of Dante’s masterpiece has…

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Belonging in the immortal company of the great works of literature, Dante Alighieri’s poetic masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, is a moving human drama, an unforgettable visionary journey through the infinite torment of Hell, up the arduous slopes of Purgatory, and on to the glorious realm of…

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Many students, even some very good ones, do not internalize voice and intonation when they read. As a result, these students, lacking phrasing, intonation, and the ability to utilize multiple voices while they read, find reading literature, with its unfamiliar vocabulary and complete-compound…

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…and approachable translation of the epic tale about a journey through the depths of Hell. It is the first of three poems in Dante’s Divine Comedy. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback volume discounts. You'll always save at least 25% on any paperback you order. If the retail…

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…journey through the torment of Hell is an expression of the Middle Ages and ultimately a protest against the ways in which men have thwarted the divine plan. The grandeur of Dantes masterpiece has inspired readers for 700 years, making it a perfect choice for any classroom. This book is eligible for…

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