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oElements of FictionoShort Stories oNovelsoNarrative Poetry Reading Level 4.0 Interest Level 6 to 12, Adult, ESL

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The author's thesis, for which she makes a compelling argument, is: if we wish to get students writing on things they really care about, we have to grab them at the level they live, which she argues, is in the four popular genres. To get the students writing, the book offers many, many worthwhile…

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Build more effective reading lessons and foster critical reading skills with Steps to Successful Reading for fiction and nonfiction. Covering all major genres, including mystery, short story, advertisement, and editorial, this series will give you the tools you need to appeal to multiple learning…

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oPlaysoFolktales oFablesoPopular Poetry Reading Level 4.0 Interest Level 6 to 12, Adult, ESL

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Because nonfiction texts organize information into easily understandable patterns, students who know how to recognize and use these structures to navigate nonfiction texts are at a great advantage when it comes to understanding what they read. This guide contains everything you need to teach these…

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Exercises help students expand their creativity by imagining what would happen if people "lived backwards" or by creating dialogues with imaginary people. Chapters are balanced between specific instruction and open-ended assignments. Student activity text. (80 pages) (Grade 8 - adult)

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(Video & Guide) Any serious study of media must eventually consider the thesis of t his video: that cold, hard statistics are often manipulated with the intent of deceiving the public.

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This historical fiction is sure to capture your students' attention, simply because of its topic: the yellow fever epidemic that ravaged colonial Philadelphia. The protagonist’s true-to-life actions—immature, heroic, and fearful—will make your classes want to continue reading about…

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The Giver, winner of the 1994 Newbery Award, is an interesting, fairly easy read, with significant topics for discussion, such as whether sameness is good and suffering is bad and how tradition can be used as a controlling mechanism in society. Students will be enthralled as they watch Jonas, the…

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Charlie Gordon is mentally challenged—until a team of doctors performs an operation that turns him into a super-genius. Triumph, though, turns to devastation when the brilliant Charlie learns the effects of the operation are only temporary, and even he cannot think of a way to save himself.…

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