Grade 7

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Intended for Grade 7. Reading Informational Texts adds challenging nonfiction passages to your curriculum, helping you meet the Common Core State Standards. Informational texts can be difficult to find and teach — even for seasoned teachers — but the annotated passages in Reading…

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…techniques, and more* Answer keys for the multiple-choice test and study-guide questions Teaching Units are best used to teach students who are on grade level or in College Prep classes. This package contains 30 books and a Teaching Unit. For a printed version of the Teaching Unit alone, click here.…

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…the state reading assessment with these practice selections and activities from our Practice Makes Perfect series. Five Comprehension Lessons for Grade 7 includes several nonfiction selections with multiple choice and open-ended questions, tips and strategies for reading, and a teachers key that…

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Choose from hundreds of low-priced, individual lessons from some of our most popular teaching resources now available at! These targeted eLessons allow you the flexibility to customize your curriculum and are available for convenient download within seconds of placing your order.

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…requiring students to analyze situations and sort data to answer questions. Be advised, these activities are challenging. It took me quite some time to solve the problems in the Grades 3-6 books, but your students need this practice, especially if they plan on taking a high school placement exam.

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Working from writing excerpts that look like their own writing, students act as editors to make revisions, correct word choices, and supply extended endings. Through these passages, students assess their own progress and increase fluency in writing all in just ten minutes a day!

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Teach your students to analyze their writing through the thirty-two writing examples with daily questions in Daily Writing Fundamentals. These books provide daily, systematic, and scaffolded skills practice of five daily questions and writing applications focusing on narrative, persuasive, and…

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…screens, with thirty analogies per screen. Students must choose the proper pairs of analogies by double clicking and, best of all, must correctly describe the relationship between the words. Self-scoring, game saving, cumulative totals, and suitable for nearly any grade. Reading Level Grades 7-Adult

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…on the critical reading and essay portions of the test with questions focusing on sentence completion, reading comprehension, inference, essay, root practice, and more. Review units ensure retention of vocabulary. This package includes 30 copies of the book, the test package, an answer key. Grade 7.

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Get your 7th grade students ready for any reading comprehension test. With 35 short nonfiction passages based on popular subjects, your students will be confident in their reading comprehension abilities thanks to Preparation for State Reading Assessments. How does this series benefit your students?…

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Intended for 7th grade. Give your students a head start by preparing them for reading complex texts with the type of advanced vocabulary they'll need to succeed. Vocabulary Power Plus helps your students learn more than 300 new vocabulary words over the course of 21 weekly lessons. Thanks to the…

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