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…students really understand how grammar works, they naturally apply their grammar skills while writing. Traditional “prescriptive” grammar methods focus on memorizing abstract rules and endless “drill and kill” repetition. Grammar for Writing uses a “descriptive”…

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Identify and correct grammar and mechanics problems quickly and efficiently with Mastery of Grammar and Mechanics: An Individualized Program. Twelve of the most troubling areas for students, such as showing possession, subject/verb agreement, and using proper punctuation, are clearly explained in…

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Correct the 24 most common grammatical problems with this concise, easy-to-use workbook. With clear directions, fun explanations, interesting practice exercises, and checkpoints that mimic the exam, this is the best SAT and ACT verbal brush-up book Ive seen yet.

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…step-by-step instructions, pointed examples, meaningful activities and exercises, this book both tests and reinforces the logical application of grammar, punctuation, and usage rules. If you’re ready to crush writing errors in your classroom and help your students become the best writers they…

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This easy-to-use guide doubles as a student workbook and is absolutely perfect for answering the most pressing grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and usage questions in your classroom. Real-world examples lend clarity to confusing concepts, and reproducible quizzes make sure that students retain…

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With this program, you will be able to give each student the benefit of targeted instruction aimed at his or her weakest skills identified by comprehensive diagnostic tests. Whether you are reviewing the fundamentals or just familiarizing students with testing format, this program will help to turn…

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Diagramming, punctuation, transitive verbs, verbals, and all the other mainstays of traditional grammar are covered. If you're a proponent of teaching grammar in the traditional manner, you'll find these two reproducible books inexpensive, convenient, and complete. Grade 7 & Up.

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…to some of the most important aspects of English grammar. Aligned with new Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, each easy-to-use, customizable PowerPoint presentation contains over 100 individual slides covering grammar, punctuation, or sentence construction, review materials,…

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Improve your students' grammar in just 2 weeks using Ten Days to A+ Grammar! Aligned with Common Core State Standards for grades 6-12, this series will save you valuable planning time and provide daily step-by-step guidance as you tackle various aspects of grammar in your classroom. Each set of…

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With 60 exercises spread over 128 pages, this book covers just about any aspect of grammar you will need. As in the other books, directions are stated simply and clearly. Again, however, you may want to supplement a few of the exercises with additional activities.

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Improve your students test-taking and language arts skills in just minutes a day with over 180 ready-to-use exercises based on national and state standards. Ranging from writing prompts and editing exercises to mythology and vocabulary practice, Daily Warm-Ups are the perfect way to center students…

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Finally, a ready-to-use method for teaching grammar from the literature you are already teaching! These comprehensive units that teach both grammar and sentence construction directly from literature come on CD or in downloadable form, and include hundreds of ready-to-print reproducibles for…

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