Greek Mythology

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Make learning about literature both fun and effective and have other teachers asking how you get your students so excited to learn with Prestwick House Activity Packs! Get students thinking strategically about elements like theme, symbols, characterization, and allusion using dozens of fun…

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Mythology is a collection of Greek and Roman myths arranged from various classical sources. Show your students how enjoyable studying Edith Hamilton's Mythology can be — and automatically save 35% on your copies of Edith Hamilton's Mythology —with the Edith Hamilton's Mythology Prestwick…

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…(11" x 17") and activity sheets help students explore myths and relate them to their own lives. These full-color posters depict figures of Greek and Roman myths. Each poster gives an account of the god, goddess, or hero, concepts associated with the figure, related vocabulary, and interdisciplinary…

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Edith Hamilton's Mythology gives fresh life to some legendary tales of heroes and gods by an acclaimed scholar. The Teaching Unit for Edith Hamilton's Mythology gives you a comprehensive academic framework that saves you hours of prep work. You can rely on this well-researched unit as a strong base…

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…down to us in statues. Oour posters depict these magnificent statues along with a description of the god's or goddesses' associated concepts, a brief overview of his or her most important legend, and the Greek and Roman name. The perfect way to share the nobility of these gods with your class.

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…Jason and the Golden Fleece; Pandora; Perseus; and Prometheus. The myths, told in full on one page, come with illustrations and accompanying text - the perfect accompaniment to your mythology unit. Spark classroom discussion with these Headlines posters, perfect visual tools for your students!

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This condensed version of Robert Graves' classic with 56 full-color and 55 black-and-white photographs. While we've sold mythology books with more colorful illustrations, we've never sold a text with more genuine credentials. To my mind, Robert Graves is the premiere scholar of the myths.

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Using pictures, commentators, live-action, and location shots, this History Channel video provides a good introduction to the Greeks and their gods. Renowned classicists discuss why the Greeks endowed their deities with human failings and explore the significance of the most famous myths.

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The Greeks and Romans Theme Pack Contains LitPlan Teacher Packs and Puzzle Packs for: Antigone Oedipus Rex The Odyssey Mythology

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Video tells the story of the Greek gods and heroes. Narrated by Peter Ustinov, it retraces the origins of Greek mythology and explores the human search for meaning.

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