Joseph Campbell

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The capstone of Campell's The Masks of God series, Creative Mythology discusses the whole inner story of modern culture, spannning our entire philosophical, spiritual, and artistic history since the Dark Ages and treating modern man's unique position as the creatory of his own mythology.

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…old myths in new ways. -George Lucas. In a fascinating conversation with Bill Moyers, George Lucas, a protege of noted mythology scholar Joseph Campbell, discusses life, films, love, loyalty, friendship, religion, careers, the nature of good and evil, and the presence, in life and in ourselves,…

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In Primitive Mythology, Campbell explores the roots of mythology through recent discoveries in archaeology, anthropology, and psychology.

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Oriental Mythology is a discussion of Eastern mythology as it developed into the distinct religions of Egypt, India, China, and Japan.

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Occidental Mythology systematically and intriguingly compares the themes that underle the art, worship, and literature of the Western world.

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