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…Pura Belpré Award, The Dreamer is an imaginative children’s novel by Pam Muñoz Ryan and illustrator Peter Sís. Blending magical realism with poetry, literary fiction, biography, and art, The Dreamer tells the story of Neftalí, a young boy who loves to find beauty…

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Get your students involved with and excited about what they are reading with this resource of active learning strategies for teaching literature! Over 100 pages filled with detailed activities (that are easily adaptable to the literature you teach) will help you turn your students into independent…

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Magical powers, an evil monarchy, and supernatural characters await readers in Nigerian American novelist Tomi Adeyemi’s debut novel. In her quest to restore magic to the kingdom of Orïsha, Zélie Adebola must face unthinkable dangers and an oppressive ruler bent on suppressing all…

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While this story has been criticized as being a fairly standard fantasy story, it’s been gaining popularity in schools because it was written by a 15 year old! If you want to encourage students to become writers, this work by one of their peers is sure to inspire your students with the…

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…great introduction to chapter books for middle school readers. Jack and his sister Annie visit their magic tree house and end up travelling back to the time of the dinosaurs. A Pteranodon comes to their rescue when they are attacked by a T-Rex, and later helps the siblings use magic to return home.

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…series, The Magician's Nephew continues with the fantasy and magic that captivated millions in the first two books. Your students will love this third plunge into the world of Narnia, and will experience their own sense of magic as they follow the characters on their journey through the mysterious…

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Teach and reinforce grammar, usage, and mechanics with over 380 pages of fun, ready-to-use, reproducible activities! With everything from crosswords and magic squares to riddles and find-the-word games, Got Grammar? is loaded with fun games that are truly effective in improving grammar.

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After the power of magic inexplicably begins to fade, New York City’s secretive magical society commences another Turning, a competition that will decide which magical family will rule. But when an unusually powerful outsider named Sydney arrives to upset the Turning, the magical elite quickly…

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…Anglo-Saxon epic is a scintillating work in and of itself, captivating the imagination by bringing the music of this ancient poem to the surface. The magic of the early medieval world will grip students as they experience Beowulf's world of ravaging beasts, heroic feats, oaths of honor, and pursuit…

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…of Chronicles of Narnia in this boxed set. Go on the many adventures that exist behind the walls of a wardrobe, and let your students explore the magic of Narnia. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback volume discounts. You'll always save at least 25% on any paperback you order. If the…

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…in Shakespeare. Widge has been hired to copy down the entirety of Shakespeare’s Hamlet for his master. When he becomes so enthralled in the magic of the play that he forgets to copy it down, Widge is afraid that the consequences will be dire. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback…

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…her father’s final research project: a small fantastical tree that feeds on lies and bears fruit that tells the truth. In The Lie Tree, magic and science come together in dark and twisty ways as Faith navigates her father’s endless secrets, determined to find his killer. Enlighten…

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