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This novel puts the idea of the stereotypical small-town life on its head. Many used to love the idea of a small town being the perfect place, where nothing bad existed. This novel reveals the polar opposite, and shows that the bad traces of humanity can be found anywhere. This book is eligible for…

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Sixty reproducible diagnostic aids to identify an individual's specific reading problems. Areas include phonic and structural analysis, main ideas, inferences, logical conclusions, sequencing, following the plot, propaganda, following directions, and much more. Useful at all levels from primary to…

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…encountered in junior and senior high classes. Included are over 260 classroom-tested techniques and activities for correcting 35 specific problems in seven major reading skills areas-from poor visual memory to the mastery of consonant sounds to difficulty identifying the main idea in a paragraph.

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…skills of struggling readers and the engagement of all students. These sixteen stories of extraordinary African Americans were written to pique students interest while engaging their understanding of vocabulary, recalling facts, identifying the main idea, drawing conclusions, and applying knowledge.

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…science fiction novel for any student interested. While students may be used to reading about aliens that come to Earth, this novel reverses the idea. The main character is actually a human raised on Mars, and now must learn to acclimate to Earthly culture. This book is eligible for Prestwick House…

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…event or object, an idea or emotion can be difficult for even the best writer. This up-to-date and easy-to-use thesaurus is an indispensable reference tool for anyone who needs to effectively convey information in speech or writing. The all-new content includes more than 30,000 main entries and tens…

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