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Challenge your students to analyze, react to, and test their views of the media and society with these revised and updated activities. Expands students' skills in critical thinking and analysis, decision-making, reading, writing, and research. (Grades 9-12)

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Only discerning individuals will recognize the sexual biases that all too often are a part of everyday information and entertainment. This program focuses on identifying and looking beyond categorical stereotypes.

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…series, experts analyze how media can sway what we do, what we buy, and even how we view ourselves and others. Commentaries from scholars help to dissect the many ways that media has influenced humankind throughout history and the gives powerful insight into the media as it pertains to American…

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Media Literacy Series Your students spend three to four times as much time mired in media messages as they do in school. They may think they're savvy consumers of mass media, but are they really? This series challenges students with such issues as: why are men and women over 40 so underrepresented…

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(Video & Guide) Any serious study of media must eventually consider the thesis of t his video: that cold, hard statistics are often manipulated with the intent of deceiving the public.

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Video games are more prevalent in our society than ever before, and this book will allow your students to analyze electronic gaming and entertainment realms. Students will explore value messages and the range of social interaction, and examine contemporary video and virtual experiences along with…

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Kids today are barraged by more advertisements than ever before, and advertisers are getting more sophisticated in how they sell products. Teach your class how to think critically about what the ads are saying with this set of nine posters. Each poster depicts people reacting to the claims of an…

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If you're planning to teach a unit on media literacy, you'll find many valuable suggestions in this book; if you're teaching this subject for the first time, you can explore suggestions for approaching it. Clearly, the authors, both classroom teachers, based the book on their own experiences.

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…this book, they will learn to question and analyze the logic behind the messages they’re exposed to every day in the form of print, television, and radio advertisements, news media, film, and even in the literature they read in English class. Finalist: AEP Distinguished Achievement Award 2009.

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Introduce Literary Theory, analyze media messages, or help students gain an understanding of logical fallacies and rhetorical devices with easy-to-use PowerPresentations!

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