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A practical guide to help the school newspaper adviser manage every aspect of the job. Scores of reproducible forms, activities, and guidelines. Glossary of journalism and desktop publishing terms.

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The earlier students begin working on developing their vocabulary, the stronger their reading and writing skills will be in the future. Set your 4th through 6th-grade students on the right path with Growing Your Vocabulary. This product comes as a CD-ROM and is intended to be used as an introduction…

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…in your classroom. This book outlines real world activities and lesson examples that foster collaborative learning using blogs, wikis, Nings, and other interactive media. Whether you're a novice networker or seasoned social media pro, this book is chock full of great advice and essential practices.

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The 11 Techniques of Propaganda PowerPresentation is an easy-to-use, highly visual method of teaching your students how to analyze media messages and dramatically improve their written and oral communication skills. In-depth slides filled with definitions, examples, and exercises can be used in…

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This DVD is a smart, modern update for media studies in the classroom that covers the subtle tactics of 21st century advertising. It reveals how advertising tactics sneak under customers persuasion radar by covering person-to-person selling, direct mail, ads and emotions, and TV commercials.

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Tough Guise is the first educational video to examine the relationship between the media and the social construction of masculine identities. Jackson Katz's video is extensively illustrated with examples from pop culture, ranging from Howard Stern to Stone Cold Steve Austin, from Garth Brooks to…

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Dreamworlds 2 combines powerful imagery from some 200 music videos with incisive narrative about the male-fantasy world depicted within it. It addresses the impact of pop culture on how young men and women see themselves-and each other-in terms of sexuality and gender.

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In a consumer culture, the pressure to buy can be as subtle as it is relentless. This program introduces the craft of advertising, the psychological advantage of product placement, and other aspects of the business of steering wallets to cash registers.

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The video helps viewers understand the tools public relations professionals use to shift perceptions by illustrating that what we think of as factual, unbiased information has its origins in corporate board-rooms. The video traces the history of the PR industry from the early efforts to win popular…

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