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Frank McCourt's Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir of his childhood in Ireland is not difficult to read and has a beauty that remains in the reader's mind long after he or she has put the book down. It's a great nonfiction choice, filled with both literary devices and McCourt's painful memories. Angela's…

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This intimate memoir takes your students beyond the headlines and deep into the heart of the conflict in Sudan — beginning with the struggle of three children determined to escape it. Beautifully told through the eyes of innocence, this story of three lost boys spins a tale of terror, courage,…

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One of the most popular books of 2018, Educated tells the true story of a young woman who graduated with a PhD from Cambridge despite having been raised by a family of isolated survivalists who didn’t believe in education.. This story of overcoming an abusive and almost unbelievable background…

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…New Jersey, make a pact to support one another as they pursue their dreams through college and medical school. Uplifting and empowering, this memoir is essential reading for high school students in need of someone to show them that achieving their dreams is within their reach. This book is eligible…

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This deeply moving memoir of courage and willpower in the face of death will give your students a unique perspective on tragedy. This is the true story of Johnny Gunther, a boy with an inoperable brain tumor. During the months of his illness, everyone near him is impressed by his level-headedness,…

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The human spirit is unbreakable, and Dave Pelzer is living proof. In this unforgettable memoir, Pelzer chronicles the horrible abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of his mother, and in vivid detail, he shares how he overcame the isolation and torture inflicted upon him. Readers will find his…

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I've never known exactly what to say when someone asks for a "good creative writing text" because the term is so broad. But here is an excellent text that offers a host of creative writing opportunities. The instructional style is clear and congenial. The models are sharp and to the point. The…

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A universal coming-of-age story, this memoir tells of Santiago's childhood in Puerto Rico and subsequent move to America. Her process of acclimating to a new culture and language is an experience your students will find both compelling and resonant. When I Was Puerto Rican is a great addition to…

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…a comprehensive collection of classic and recent Latino writing in English, converging in sometimes shocking, often funny, and always stirring memoirs and stories. Religion, sex, love, language, and family are some of the topics explored in this compelling anthology of fiction and nonfiction. With…

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Inspire your students to live their lives to the fullest with this memoir, an expansion of professor Randy Pausch's final lecture to his students after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Since videos of the actual lecture are freely available online, The Last Lecture is ideal for working with…

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If you need a nonfiction text this year, consider Jeannette Walls’s amazing memoir, The Glass Castle. Students will sympathize as she recounts her experiences growing up with an alcoholic father and aloof artist mother who often seem more interested in finding the next adventure than in…

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