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Make your middle school students better achievers. Use this reproducible book to refresh study skills or teach them for the first time. Everything students need to develop winning habits and academic victories: time management, organization, not taking, memorizing, and more.

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This book, as the title explains, is aimed at Middle School writers who need to master reports, narrative, persuasive, and procedural (how-to) essays, as well as literary responses, research, biographies, and more. It includes 57 mini-lessons, charts, rubrics, and over 200 differentiated tasks. The…

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While they include "middle school" in the title, this book is also excellent for high school. One of the most innovative, clear, and imaginative reproducible aids to teach writing skills I've ever seen. It deals with fiction and nonfiction and discusses flow, research, focus, foreshadowing,…

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Now middle-school teachers can reap all the benefits of the Caughtya series! Helpful extras created especially for younger students include midterm and final exam tests with keys for each grade, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, complete vocabulary lists for words used in each story, and a…

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Introduce high-interest topics that your students will enjoy, and encourage fully-developed, thoughtful writing at any level with the 100 Writing Starters series! The perfect way to focus students at the beginning of class or to wrap up the last few minutes of the day, these prompts are guaranteed…

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These hundred words are not just randomly selected, they represent content and concepts that most ninth-grade classes will assume the students are already familar with. Help your students bridge that huge gap from middle to high school by offering them this nifty book.

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Capitalize on your students natural interest in holidays and special events while reinforcing your writing skills curriculum and meeting the diverse needs of your students with this collection of over 300 reproducible writing activities conveniently organized into ten monthly sections. Clear,…

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Inspired by the Collegiate edition but geared toward ages 11-14, Merriam-Webster's Intermediate Dictionary features nearly 70,000 words middle school students are likely to encounter. Packed with insightful word history paragraphs, synonym paragraphs that clarify word meanings, detailed…

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…elements of an author’s voice, such as diction, detail, figurative language, imagery, and syntax, look no further. Nancy Dean’s two books are loaded with short, ready-to-use lessons for students at every level from middle school to AP. Buy both books together in this package, and save!

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This whimsical time-travel fantasy novel is a great introduction to chapter books for middle school readers. Jack and his sister Annie visit their magic tree house and end up travelling back to the time of the dinosaurs. A Pteranodon comes to their rescue when they are attacked by a T-Rex, and later…

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…our secondary students are visual learners, but the use of charts, graphs, and other visual organizers seems to leave the ELA classroom in middle school. Content-Area Graphic Organizers: Language Arts provides an abundance of tools for writing in a variety of modes and for approaching the multiple…

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Young readers are sure to love this clever, middle-school mystery told from the perspective of household pets. Chester the cat has no doubts that the Monroes rabbit, Bunnicula, is a vampire. The new family pet has pointy fangs, black fur in the shape of a cape, and nocturnal habits. Most frightening…

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