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The myths and legends of the Algonquins, Iroquois, Pawnees, Sioux, and northern and northwestern Indians offer rich insights into the character and beliefs of tribes that once dominated extensive territories of North America. Although written in 1914 by Lewis Spank, an anthropologist and folklorist,…

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…set of six posters includes the stories of: Daedalus and Icarus; Hercules; Jason and the Golden Fleece; Pandora; Perseus; and Prometheus. The myths, told in full on one page, come with illustrations and accompanying text - the perfect accompaniment to your mythology unit. Spark classroom discussion…

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Posters (11" x 17") and activity sheets help students explore myths and relate them to their own lives. These full-color posters depict figures of Greek and Roman myths. Each poster gives an account of the god, goddess, or hero, concepts associated with the figure, related vocabulary, and…

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…read the stories of Jason, Hercules, Arachne, and Proserpine, what then? Myth helps them appreciate the historical, social, and cultural significance of myth by placing ancient takes in context with modern, "living" myths like the Big Bang to show that mythology does not reflect the quaint lore…

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If you've seen one of the videos from The Power of Myth series, you'll be familiar with the format and direction of this book. If you want a better understanding of Campbell's thesis, this is a good place to start.

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We've long been aware of this popular book, and teachers have been requesting it left and right. So, we are offering it. While this collection is frequently used as an introduction to mythology in grades 9-12, it is more applicable to grades 5-8, where it is perfectly suited for students' interests…

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…the son of a god; he loses favor and is driven from his kingdom to a sorrowful death. In The Hero, Lord Raglan contends that the heroic figures from myth and legend are invested with a common pattern that satisfies the human desire for idealization. Raglan outlines 22 characteristic themes or motifs…

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(Vols. 1- 4) A new standard in the genre of World Mythology has become available. This four-volume set covers the entire gamut of myth and legend, from Acastus to Zeus, with many unexpected entries thrown in as well. The set, however, is not simply for research; rather, it is written for students,…

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…approach that organizes world myths into the following themes: The Creation Stories, The Flood, The Afterlife, The Apocalypse, and Stories of Archetypal Gods and a Supreme Being. In addition, he includes chapters on Hero Myths, as well as Place and Object Myths. This is a well-written book because…

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The author divides the world's myths into eight themes and discusses the common elements between similar myths. He begins with the "Creators of Nature and Mankind," and ends with "Death and Rebirth." These myths, drawn from all areas of the world, shaped our common past and continue to influence us.…

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This condensed version of Robert Graves' classic with 56 full-color and 55 black-and-white photographs. While we've sold mythology books with more colorful illustrations, we've never sold a text with more genuine credentials. To my mind, Robert Graves is the premiere scholar of the myths.

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