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Techniques of Propaganda & Persuasion will teach your students the single most valuable skill they can have as readers—critical thinking. As students work through this book, they will learn to question and analyze the logic behind the messages they’re exposed to every day in the form…

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Persuasion follows the thwarted romance between Anne Elliot (Austen's sweetest, most appealing heroine) and Captain Frederick Wentworth. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback volume discounts. You'll always save at least 25% on any paperback you order. If the retail value of your order…

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persuasive essays step-by-step, from the drafting process all the way through editing, while they incorporate various elements of style. The 82 detailed strategies and exercises for writing persuasive essays and 101 short writing prompts will save you time, help you seamlessly add persuasive writing…

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Help your students become immersed in the literature they are studying. Take their understanding and enjoyment to a whole new level with the Persuasive Argument Activity for Chapter 10 eLesson from the Frankenstein Activity Pack. Each interactive, hands-on activity contains clear-cut directions to…

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…100 step-by-step lessons to help students begin writing better immediately. Designed for working with individuals or an entire class. Includes character sketches, personal narratives, sentence structure, description, persuasion, writing letters, short fiction, poetry, and peer editing. (Grades 7-12)

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…Writing Fundamentals. These books provide daily, systematic, and scaffolded skills practice of five daily questions and writing applications focusing on narrative, persuasive, and expository modes of development. Teach students how to assess their own progress by analyzing the choices they make.

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…core. Every lesson supports and guides students through the process of crafting exceptional pieces in one of four genres: Personal, Informative, Persuasive, and Research writing. College and Career Readiness: Writing will help you: * Align your daily, weekly, and monthly unit plans with the Common…

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…Arms is the best, most complete, and most user-friendly guide to persuasive writing that Ive seen in a long time. From clarifying the fact/opinion dilemma that plagues students to using research to support an argument, youll build better, more persuasive writers by using the tips in this book.

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This poster will encourage your students to discover the techniques of propaganda and persuasion.

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…Power Packs contain everything you need to strengthen your students reading skills a must-have for every middle grades classroom! The Giver Persuasion Activity for Chapter 5 contains a reproducible skills-based activity created especially for students in grades 4-8 along with a comprehensive…

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…students in the evaluation process. Crafting Opinion and Persuasive Papers From evaluating positions to adding support, Tim Clifford gives you the instructional steps you need to help your students build and deliver strong opinion and persuasive papers. Invaluable for language arts teachers, this…

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Students learn how to recognize both written and verbal persuasive language used in advertisements, articles, and even by friends and parents. This program is very effective at delineating the different techniques of persuading, including suggestive selling, emotive language, connotations,…

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