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Poetry Forms and Genres - Literary Poster Set SKU: 01-P15 This set of 10 posters illustrates several poetry terms including "ballad," "narrative," "blank verse," "epic," "free verse," "limerick," "lyric," "ode," "sonnet," and "villanelle." They highlight classic poems by Poe, Wilde, Keats, Dante,…

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Typical genre studies touch on only a few selections as part of a larger anthology, but Discovering Genre allows your students to examine enough full-text poems, short stories, or plays to make sure that they really grasp the nuances of each literary form. Along with detailed explanations of the…

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…of activities teach the characteristics of various forms of literature, including poetry, science fiction, mystery, biography, fantasy, realistic fiction, and historical fiction. Students practice, improve their writing skills, and create examples of many of the genres addressed in this book.

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…African-American, and more. In fact, it's the most inclusive multi-cultural collection I have ever seen. If you really want to teach poetry as a living, breathing genre, and you want to examine the full breadth of the American experience, you owe it to yourself and your students to take a look at…

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…This scholarly but very readable version is a book both you and your classes will enjoy. Give your students an introduction to any number of genres, themes, and linguistic styles with selections such as "The General Prologue," "The Knight's Tale," "The Miller's Tale," "The Wife of Bath's Prologue,"…

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