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…politicians are armed with a wide variety of tricks and techniques to distort facts, change the subject, and control the information that they give out. This series of nine posters will open your students' eyes to these techniques and help them hear what politicians are saying or not saying.

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Literary Devices II - Set of Six Literary Posters (Set of 6 18x18 posters) SKU: 01-P13 Six literary educational posters. Artful photography adds interest to definitions of common literary devices. Includes posters titled Tone, Point of View, Theme, Motif, Symbolism and Irony. Literary Devices I is…

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This set of ten grammar posters differs from our full-sized set in dimension only. All of the information and graphics are the same but in condensed form so they fit into tight spaces. Ideal for grouping on bulletin boards. Set includes posters titled Lay/Lie, Effect/Affect, Hear/Here, Two/To/Too,…

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set of ten posters uses clever and amusing cartoons to illustrate commonly used literary devices. In addition to enhancing the aesthetics in your classroom, the posters will help students understand the concepts better and remember them longer than just memorizing their definitions does. Each set

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…Macbeth; Serpent's Tooth, Lear; Naked Villany, Richard; Glisters, Merchant; Rose, Romeo and Juliet; Greatness, 12th Night; and Good Name, Othello. This set looks incredible in our black wood frames with black mats. Get a look at the framed posters in the individual poster entries. 11" x 14.5"

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…Timeline posters colorfully depict the progression of American literature in three ways. The poster's top portion is a grouping of portraits of some of the top authors of the era including: William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jack London and Ezra Pound. The midsection of the poster is a book…

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Ten literary posters shrunken from the original best sellers. The same vibrant graphics and an educational time line, and drawings of world-famous authors but smaller. Great for bulletin boards and other tight spaces. The set includes John Steinbeck, Henry David Thoreau, Mark Twain, George Orwell,…

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…mistakes. Each set of eight posters includes an answer key, a reproducible lesson packet that explains the rule, and twenty practice sentences to reinforce the rule. Use the exercises to introduce a poster each week or to fill gaps in your schedule. Each set includes eight posters, reproducible…

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Decorate your classroom with nine full-color 11" x 17" posters for some of the greatest books of all time. * Adventures of Huckleberry Finn* The Call of the Wild* A Christmas Carol* Frankenstein* Hamlet* A Midsummer Night's Dream* Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass* Romeo and Juliet* A Tale…

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As the building blocks of nearly 60% of all English words, Latin and Greek roots are an essential element of vocabulary study. Help your 4th-6th graders remember important word roots with this poster set based on the popular Growing Your Vocabulary series.

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Poetry Forms and Genres - Literary Poster Set SKU: 01-P15 This set of 10 posters illustrates several poetry terms including "ballad," "narrative," "blank verse," "epic," "free verse," "limerick," "lyric," "ode," "sonnet," and "villanelle." They highlight classic poems by Poe, Wilde, Keats, Dante,…

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