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…citizens. With the help of other teens trapped within the camp, her boyfriend on the outside, and a sympathetic guard, Layla spearheads a revolution against the camp's cruel director and his soldiers. Both poignant and terrifying, this timely book will challenge your students to fight against…

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…1966, and twelve-year-old Ji-li Jiang has a bright future ahead of her in communist China. But when Chairman Mao Ze-dong commences the Cultural Revolution, Ji-li’s world is forever changed. With her family’s safety in jeopardy amid mounting political tensions, Ji-li must learn how to…

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Orwell's take on the Russian Revolution proves the power of words. Your students will easily identify many aspects of the Russian Revolution in this barely disguised commentary on Communism. Animal Farm is an exceptionally easy book for students to read and teachers to teach. Its themes, irony, and…

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…Halse Anderson’s The Seeds of America trilogy is quickly becoming a classroom favorite thanks to the unique perspective on the American Revolution of the thirteen-year-old narrator, Isabel. A slave in a loyalist house, Isabel becomes a reluctant spy for the Colonists as she struggles for…

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…experiences with loss and imprisonment will give young readers a realistic idea of the brutality many faced as a result of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. This edition includes a pronunciation guide, glossary, detailed maps, and family photos to aid student understanding. This book is eligible for…

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Set during the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror, this adventure tale depicts an apparently–inane English aristocrat, who moonlights as a daring rescuer of French nobles. The romance, intrigue, and suspense of this novel will enthrall your students. This book is eligible for Prestwick…

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…early 1776 with opening the minds of Americans to the evils of monarchy and the injustices of British rule. Let your students hear the voice of revolution with this inexpensive edition of Paine's classic of rhetoric and American History. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback volume…

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…is possible and redemption is attainable. This classic study of Victorian social values and the unintended consequences of the Industrial Revolution is both troubling and optimistic, a challenge to do better and a promise that we can. Our Literary Touchstone Classics are unabridged, complete…

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This graphic novel depicting the childhood of Marjane Satrapi during the turbulent years surrounding the Iranian Revolution is a powerful look at the overthrow of the Iranian government, the introduction of theocracy, and the ongoing war with Iraq. Your students will be enthralled as Satrapi, in…

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April Morning is a short novel about the first days of the American Revolution as experienced by a 15–year–old boy. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback volume discounts. You'll always save at least 25% on any paperback you order. If the retail value of your order is at…

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In Animal Farm, Orwell uses animals to explain his view of Communism, with the themes and events of the novel reflecting the Russian Revolution of 1917, through to the Stalin era of the USSR. Show your students how enjoyable studying Animal Farm can be — and automatically save 35% on your…

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