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Sold is a stunning, poetic series of episodes telling the tale of Lakshmi, who has been sold into child prostitution in India. Some portions are inappropriate for less mature classes, but this unforgettable book will give older students a peek inside the horrors Lakshmi endures in a brothel.…

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This condensed version of Robert Graves' classic with 56 full-color and 55 black-and-white photographs. While we've sold mythology books with more colorful illustrations, we've never sold a text with more genuine credentials. To my mind, Robert Graves is the premiere scholar of the myths.

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Oedipus at Colonus is one of the three classic Theban tragedies written by Sophocles. This text details the death of Oedipus and was written shortly before the death of Sophocles himself. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback volume discounts. You'll always save at least 25% on any…

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…for freedom against all odds. This realistic, touching story shows the journey of Amos Fortune, a prince captured in Africa and sold into slavery in America. As he is sold from family to family, Amos never loses hope and, at 60 years old, finally sees his dream of freedom come true. This book is…

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…popular movie, details the formation of the group of fantasy creatures and men who begin the journey to the ends of Middle Earth. This book, which sold over 2 million copies in 2001, is a sequel to The Hobbit, and acts as a prelude to the next two books in the series. No one who reads this volume…

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…which first appeared in medieval literature, is of the Prince of Tyre, who flees upon discovering his King in an incestuous relationship. He marries and his own daughter is kidnapped by pirates and sold into the brothel. Starring Mike Gwilym and Amanda Redman. This is the DVD version of the film.

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Self-published in 1899 and sold door-to-door by the author, this classic African-American novel, a gripping exploration of oppression, miscegenation, exploitation, and black empowerment, was a major bestseller in its day. The dramatic story of a conciliatory black man and a mulatto nationalist who…

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…slaves boarded a schooner called The Pearl, hoping to sail north to freedom. Soon after, the ship was captured, and the Edmonson siblings were again sold into deplorable conditions. Packed with photographs, manifests, posters, and other historical artifacts, this book will hold your students’…

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