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Drawing characters based on his memories of real inhabitants of Monterey, Steinbeck interweaves the stories of Doc, Henri, Mack, and his boys in a world where only the fittest survive. It is a novel that focuses on the acceptance of life as it is—a story at once humorous and poignant. This…

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Raised on a ranch in northern California, Jody is well-schooled in the hard work and demands of a rancher’s life. He is used to the way of horses, too; but nothing has prepared him for the special connection he will forge with Gabilan, a hot-tempered pony his father gives him. With Billy Buck,…

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…Wrath, Of Mice and Men, and The Pearl, John Steinbeck remains a central figure in the American literary canon. His award-winning works commented on the social and economic issues faced by working-class Americans during the Great Depression. Bring Steinbeck's humor and wit to your classroom with this…

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Get your students excited to read new works with this line of succinct, yet extremely thorough, Famous Author DVDs. Each 30 minute, color presentation draws on historically accurate maps, contemporary drawings, paintings, portraits, and other archive material, to not only present a factual outline…

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The John Steinbeck Theme Pack Contains LitPlan Teacher Packs and Puzzle Packs for: The Grapes of Wrath Of Mice and men The Pearl Travels with Charley

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An outstanding black and white rendition of Steinbeck's novel. Burgess Meredith and Lon Chaney Jr star.

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John Steinbeck considered East of Eden his magnum opus. With diverse themes explored through the power of Steinbeck's words, your more mature classes will agree with that assessment. The biblical account of Cain and Abel is echoed in the history of two generations of the Trask family in California,…

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Steinbeck explores the concepts of friendship, sexism, racism, and euthanasia, which are highly relevant to modern students. Most important to the book is the idea of settling down to make a better life, which is the essence of the American Dream that pervades the novel. Because of Steinbeck's

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Your students will love this adventurous travelogue written by John Steinbeck as he discovers the America he had so often written about, but never explored. Join Steinbeck as he details his travels with his poodle, Charley, as they navigate with United States. This book is eligible for Prestwick…

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…all high schools. It provides students with multiple themes, a compelling story, unequalled artistry, and a human side to the Great Depression. Steinbeck created iconic characters in the Joads, and his telling of their heartbreaking journey will give students an intimate perspective on this period…

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This enduring, classic fable about human greed, told in Steinbeck’s characteristic style, should be shared with every classroom. I have used The Pearl with my weaker classes as an introduction to symbolism; it works perfectly, as the symbols are easily grasped, but still under the surface.…

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While the powerlessness of the laboring class is a recurring theme in Steinbeck's work, he narrowed his focus when composing Of Mice and Men, creating an intimate portrait of two men facing a world marked by petty tyranny, misunderstanding, jealousy, and callousness. Though the scope is narrow, the…

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