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…highly because students who read these plays have very little trouble understanding the text, and consequently, they grasp the meanings below the surface and are able to enjoy the plays more. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback volume discounts. You'll always save at least 25% on any…

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Media Literacy helps middle and high school students develop the skills they need to see past the surface to the underlying message and intent of contemporary media. From book to book, the topics cover the gamut of media today. Help students cast a critical eye on an eye-opening topic with a guide…

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…follows the conflict between two siblings struggling over whether to sell a family heirloom, a carved piano depicting family history. While the surface conflict over the sale is dramatic, it serves to show the struggle between saving heritage and moving past history’s troubles. The excellent…

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…comedy and science fiction tale that will shock and delight your high school students. In a spacefaring future, a group of scientists is conducting surface tests on a distant planet. Accompanying them is a SecUnit, a security android designed to protect them. However, this android isn’t quite…

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…you find yourself growing increasingly frustrated with your students' unwillingness - or inability - to read or their penchant for skimming the surface of the text with no evidence of comprehension or retention, then this book is for you. Audrey Fielding and her colleagues have collected case…

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…an American oil tycoon, arrives in Madrid with his parents hoping to connect with the country through photography. He soon meets Ana, a hotel maid whose family lives in fear under Franco’s rule. As the pair explore Madrid, they uncover a dark secret hidden underneath its picturesque surface.

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…used The Pearl with my weaker classes as an introduction to symbolism; it works perfectly, as the symbols are easily grasped, but still under the surface. Peace, security, and happiness cannot be bought with wealth, which is the problem that the magnificent pearl clearly illustrates. This book is…

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…of the Anglo-Saxon epic is a scintillating work in and of itself, captivating the imagination by bringing the music of this ancient poem to the surface. The magic of the early medieval world will grip students as they experience Beowulf's world of ravaging beasts, heroic feats, oaths of honor, and…

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On its surface, the award-winning Never Let Me Go is a beautiful coming-of-age novel written from the perspective of Kathy, as she reminisces about her days at a boarding school in England. Readers will be stunned, however, as Ishiguro’s bestseller progresses, deftly transforming into a…

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Profoundly haunting and darkly poetic, this book has the power to change lives. On its surface, it is a story about a boy named Conor and his dying mother. Ultimately, this novel confronts readers with grown-up themes about grief and fear and serves as a moving reminder to always find the light in…

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