Tale Of Two

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Discover the mysterious allure and genius of Edgar Allan Poe with your students by using our anthology of 33 of his greatest poems and stories, complete with helpful reading pointers and a glossary. With this The Best of Poe Response Journal, you’ll have an amazing selection of writing prompts…

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…possession, his pet pig, to feed his family, he must quickly grow up. There is no finer coming-of-age novel for adolescents than this rich and moving tale. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback volume discounts. You'll always save at least 25% on any paperback you order. If the retail…

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A modern-day counterpart to the old "Everyman" tales, this collection of short stories depicts teenagers as they encounter moral and ethical dilemmas. These highly readable stories are written such that teenagers can relate to them, and the subject matters will make students want to read. A useful…

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This modern fairy tale, in which a young boy, Milo, travels to the city of Dictionopolis in the land of wisdom, is full of fun word-play and a treasure that your students will remember for years to come. Milo meets a wide variety of strange and interesting characters, including the worlds tallest…

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Twain depicts a comic clash between modernity and medievalism in this classic tale. Lauding the ingenuity of the 19th century over the backwards methods of Camelot, students will enjoy Twain's customary dry wit as he sets up a satirical showdown between the Old World and the New. This book is…

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…abandoned infant with Downs Syndrome is left in her care, Caroline cannot bear to take her to an orphanage as instructed. In this heart–warming tale, detailing Caroline’s fight to give her new daughter the same opportunities as other children, your students will see how one woman’s…

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This novel, written in the form of a diary, is more than just another coming-of-age tale. It’s the story of a young Latina coming to terms with the challenges of living in the modern world by developing as a poet, so it’s the perfect novel to tie in with a unit on the power poetry has.…

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…Noah’s hilarious accounts of his childhood antics and awkward high school years all too relatable. Aside from being a witty coming-of-age tale, Born a Crime is also an insightful look into South African culture and makes an excellent resource for learning more about the country’s…

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The Princess Bride is a comedic adventure novel that combines true love, princesses, and sword fights into a classic tale. Show your students how enjoyable studying The Princess Bride can be with the The Princess Bride Prestwick House Activity Pack. This title-specific, reproducible Activity Pack…

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Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift's most well known work, is a parody of the subgenre known as 'traveler's tales.' The Teaching Unit for Gulliver's Travels gives you a comprehensive academic framework that saves you hours of prep work. You can rely on this well-researched unit as a strong base for…

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This collection includes some of American literature's greatest short stories throughout history. These stories will engage your students with their various topics and amazing detail. There is no easier way to introduce your students to the writings of America's best authors. Below are the titles of…

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Included in this collection are sixteen dark tales: "A Horseman in the Sky," "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," "Chicakamauga," "A Son of the Gods," "What I Saw of Shiloh," and many more. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback volume discounts. You'll always save at least 25% on any…

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