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The Black Friend

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As a black student in a mostly white high school, Frederick Joseph grew accustomed to racial comments, even if they weren’t intended to offend. As an adult, he realized those incidents could have been teachable moments. In The Black Friend, Joseph recounts his experiences and offers advice for…

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…If she hadn't been so caught up in her own pain, maybe she would have noticed her brother's. It's time to stop hiding-to reach out to Daniel's friends at their private school. Daniel had been deeply involved in Unity Service, the charitable group on campus, and Frances is determined to join the…

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…April 1992, and Ashley Bennett and her friends are counting down the days to high school graduation. But everything changes when four LAPD officers are acquitted after beating a Black man named Rodney King. As a child of Black professionals and one of the few Black kids among her upper-class peers,…

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One of the most beloved of modern classics returns with a beautiful new cover. The enchanting story of two unlikely friends, a black ex-GI and the head of a group of German nuns, The Lilies of the Field tells the story of their impossible dreamto build a chapel in the desert. This book is eligible…

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A friendly nightcap turns into an all–night attack session involving alcoholic bitterness, accusations of marital infidelity, and deliberate personal humiliation. This Tony Award–winning play, in which all of the characters’ weaknesses are laid bare, explores the complexities of a…

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…injustice. Alfonso Jones, a gifted black student, is shot by a police officer who mistakes a clothes hanger for a gun. When Alfonso awakens in the afterlife, he boards a ghost train with other victims of police brutality. Meanwhile, his family and friends struggle with their grief and seek justice…

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…It’s been more than sixty years since it was first published, and even now, the book remains fresh and powerful. It may be the authentic and friendly voice of Scout, the humanity of Atticus, or the innocence of Boo Radley. Harper Lee's hopeful message that an entire community can learn from…

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…and Brian Piccolo, appeals to both boys and girls. Sayers and Piccolo are the first interracial roommates on the Chicago Bears and become close friends. When Piccolo is injured, Sayers helps him recover, and when Piccolo is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Sayers shows the meaning of friendship.…

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