The Help

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…success, teenager Jade believes she must leave her troubled neighborhood, even if that means taking opportunities that seem more humiliating than helpful. Award-winning author Renée Watson’s thoughtful story deals with themes of friendship, identity, privilege, and other issues your…

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…Verge.The word is out in Spanish Harlem: Willy Bodega is king. Need college tuition for your daughter? Start-up funds for your fruit stand? Bodega can help. He gives everyone a leg up, in exchange only for loyalty—and a steady income from the drugs he pushes. Lyric, inspired, and darkly funny,…

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In memories that rise like wisps of ghosts, LuLing Young searches for the name of her mother, the daughter of the Famous Bonesetter from the Mouth of the Mountain. Trying to hold on to the evaporating past, she begins to write all that she can remember of her life as a girl in China. Meanwhile, her…

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