The Importance Of Being Earnest

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…Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest seems to have flat characters. However, deeper examination reveals great social commentary, witty wordplay, and awkward social interactions that will keep even your reluctant readers laughing and turning pages. With this The Importance of Being Earnest Response…

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The Importance of Being Earnest, a play by Oscar Wilde, demonstrates the insignificance of social expectations and institutions. The Teaching Unit for The Importance of Being Earnest gives you a comprehensive academic framework that saves you hours of prep work. You can rely on this well-researched…

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…any level to actively think about what they are reading in new and engaging ways. This Multiple Critical Perspectives resource for The Importance of Being Earnest comes with: * Feminist Theory;* Psychoanalytical/Freudian Theory; and* New Historicism Theory. This package includes 30 copies of the…

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Sure, a movie based on a good book can be an excuse for not reading the book, but when viewed immediately after reading, it can also provide many benefits for your students. The movie can help clarify difficult concepts or scenes that your students may have missed. Great discussion questions and…

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Teach all of the most popular literature title with LitPlan Teacher Packs—comprehensive step-by-step literature guides that are perfect for the novice teacher, the seasoned professional, and every teacher in between. Each standards-based LitPlan Teacher Pack contains over 150 pages of…

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…Each of these nine must-read, classic productions includes helpful in-margin readers notes, line numbers, and a glossary. This bundle contains the following plays: * Antigone* Cyrano de Bergerac* A Doll's House* Dr. Faustus* Everyman* The Importance of Being Earnest* Medea* Oedipus Rex* Pygmalion

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…Letter Crime and Punishment The Great Gatsby As I Lay Dying A Farewell to Arms Their Eyes Were Watching God The Bluest Eye Hamlet The Importance of Being Earnest Our Town Death of a Salesman Raisin in the Sun Great American Poems Transcendentalism: Essential Essays of Emerson and Thoreau Black Boy…

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…Teaching Unit Importance of Being Earnest Activity Pack Frankenstein Levels of Understanding 1984 Teaching Unit Heart of Darkness Activity Pack Pride and Prejudice Teaching Unit *Please Note: Reading Informational Texts: Book IV is a forthcoming title, and is not yet available. It will be shipped as…

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