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And The Book of Gods and Goddesses explains them all. This compact yet comprehensive compendium explores the pantheons of the world's polytheistic religions, including the oft-ignored Asian, African and Caribbean, and Native American systems. Concise explanations include the origins of each deity,…

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…plays we've ever seen. Among the 43 authors are David Mamet, Edward Albee, Wendy Wasserstein, Sam Shepard, Tom Stoppard, Vaclav Havel, Joyce Carol Oates, Garrison Keillor, Amiri Baraka, A.R. Gurney, Eudora Welty, August Wilson, Arthur Miller, and Tennessee Williams. There are no lightweights here.

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Merriam Websters Dictionary and Thesaurus Set up like a dictionary, the definitions are accompanied by thesaurus entries so there's no flipping back and forth or confusion about how to use a thesaurus. Includes over 60,000 definitions and 13,000 thesaurus entries. Despite its paperback format and…

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Set up like a dictionary, this book's definitions are accompanied by thesaurus entries so there's no flipping back and forth or confusion about how to use a thesaurus. Includes over 60,000 definitions and 13,500 thesaurus entries. Despite the its paperback format and huge size, the book can stand up…

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In describing this book as "a collection of 200 creative, fun-filled, ready-to-use activities," the publishers may be overstating the amount of fun involved, but there is no question that the author did strive to make it an interesting book that would relate to a student's writing.

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…and audio pronunciations for each term will draw your students’ attention and give them a learning experience to remember. From common terms like metaphor and irony to less-well-known techniques such as catachresis and hyperbaton, there’s something here for students at all skill levels.

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This narrowly focused reproducible is, nonetheless, very thorough. The lessons are suitable for grades 4-10, the activities are varied and interesting, and there are detailed rubrics for scoring student writing. It will enable your class to analyze, compare, and write more clearly.

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While there’s no shortage of young adult dystopian novels these days, M.T. Anderson’s Feed is a fresh and exciting satire on the dangers of consumerism, technology, and the nature of identity in an increasingly connected world. This book pairs well with 1984 or Brave New World, and your…

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As with the other books in this series, I liked the variety of activities. In its 112 pages, there are 42 activities that deal with familiar real-life subjects: reading labels, telephone books, etc. There are also a few less common reading tasks like reading longitudes and latitudes. The book will…

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Set up like a dictionary, so there's no need to consult an index to find out where the word you're looking for is likely to be. It also has several explanations of how common words and their "synonyms" are correctly used. With its handy paperback format and its amazingly affordable price, all of…

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…begin Frankenstein, they expect a mindless monster story; what they get instead is an insightful exploration of man's place in the universe. There is no better way to share the world of the Romantics with your class than with this classroom favorite. Our Literary Touchstone Classics are unabridged,…

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…dozens more, this great anthology will give your students a taste for the greatest, well-known authors as well as some lesser-known authors. There's no better way to get the variety of this anthology at such an affordable price. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback volume discounts.…

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