To Kill A Mockingbird

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…thought-provoking writing assignments will inspire your students at any level to actively think about what they are reading in new and engaging ways. This Multiple Critical Perspectives resource for To Kill a Mockingbird comes with: * Feminist Theory;* Psychoanalytic Theory; and* New Historicism…

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What makes To Kill a Mockingbird so immensely popular in schools? It’s been more than fifty-five years since it was first published, and even now, the book remains fresh and powerful. It may be the authentic and friendly voice of Scout, the humanity of Atticus, or the innocence of Boo Radley.…

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…resources to guide your students through a close, critical, and analytical study of the plays and novels most likely to appear on the Advanced Placement exam in English Literature and Composition. Every title-specific Prestwick House AP Teaching Unit: * Allows teachers at any level to effortlessly…

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…With this downloadable Teaching Unit for To Kill a Mockingbird, students will examine a wide variety of themes, including good versus evil, social inequality, racism, and the loss of innocence. This story is so uniformly inspiring that it never fails to be mentioned among the best-loved books of…

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…three weeks or longer to finish. Using any standard edition of the text, the students follow the printed pages while listening to the recording. As a result, within a much shorter period of time, the students have read the novel, discussed it, digested it, and are prepared to be tested on their…

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…With this To Kill a Mockingbird Response Journal, you’ll have an amazing selection of writing prompts for every chapter in the book right at your fingertips. Help your students form and express their own opinions with these personal writing prompts and essay topics. This To Kill a Mockingbird

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to plan your lessons, and chapter-by-chapter study questions promote close reading. Save countless hours preparing teaching materials, and save some money - these downloadable Kits cost less than buying individual teaching guides. This downloadable Complete Teacher's Kit for To Kill a Mockingbird

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Written by Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird tells the story of Atticus Finch, his children Scout and Jem, and the fight against racial injustice, set during the Great Depression in southern Alabama. With this To Kill a Mockingbird Response Journal, you’ll have an amazing selection of writing…

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…over 150 pages of ready-to-use, reproducible material in a flexible format that allows you to pick and choose the perfect activities for your classroom. Address relevant themes, connect literature to your students' daily lives, help them practice a variety of language arts skills using the included…

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…guide allows you to put Bloom's taxonomy into full practice in your classroom, and guarantees that each and every title you teach will get your students another step closer to their goal of college and career readiness. This Levels of Understanding guide to To Kill a Mockingbird contains units…

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…students how enjoyable studying To Kill a Mockingbird can be with the To Kill a Mockingbird Prestwick House Activity Pack. This title-specific, reproducible Activity Pack contains dozens of activities that will help students think about and analyze To Kill a Mockingbird in novel ways while learning…

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…ability to utilize multiple voices while they read, find reading literature, with its unfamiliar vocabulary and complete-compound sentences, and elaborate metaphors, very laborious. Consequently, a short novel that could be read in a weekend takes the student three weeks or longer to finish. Using…

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