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To Kill A Mockingbird

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…connection to the book they’re reading. Help them out with dozens of writing prompts that encourage them to write from a character’s perspective, relate the plot to their own lives, offer advice, and more—and all the writing prompts are directly related to the book. Teaching…

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Our user-friendly Novel Tests contain everything you need to assess your students' understanding of the works you're teaching. The To Kill a Mockingbird Novel Test comes complete with multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, and essay questions as well as a comprehensive answer key.

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Written by Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird tells the story of Atticus Finch, his children Scout and Jem, and the fight against racial injustice, set during the Great Depression in southern Alabama. With this To Kill a Mockingbird Response Journal, you’ll have an amazing selection of writing…

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…Each Puzzle Pack contains a variety of puzzles for each chapter of the book and is divided into two main sections. The first is a Content Section to reinforce important information like character names, places, symbols, and themes, and the second is a Vocabulary Section based on unfamiliar words…

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…With this To Kill a Mockingbird Response Journal, you’ll have an amazing selection of writing prompts for every chapter in the book right at your fingertips. Help your students form and express their own opinions with these personal writing prompts and essay topics. This To Kill a Mockingbird

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…for students in grades 5-8. From identifying and writing figurative language to seeing the world through the eyes of a character, your students will become actively engaged in each novel you teach. Prestwick PowerPacks save you time while making it easy for you to cover key skills and concepts.

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…three weeks or longer to finish. Using any standard edition of the text, the students follow the printed pages while listening to the recording. As a result, within a much shorter period of time, the students have read the novel, discussed it, digested it, and are prepared to be tested on their…

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…thought-provoking writing assignments will inspire your students at any level to actively think about what they are reading in new and engaging ways. This Multiple Critical Perspectives resource for To Kill a Mockingbird comes with: * Feminist Theory;* Psychoanalytic Theory; and* New Historicism…

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Our user-friendly Prestwick Power Packs contain everything you need to strengthen your students reading skills a must-have for every middle grades classroom! The To Kill a Mockingbird Irony Activity for Chapters 24-31 contains a reproducible skills-based activity created especially for students in…

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…With this reproducible Teaching Unit for To Kill a Mockingbird, students will examine a wide variety of themes, including good versus evil, social inequality, racism, and the loss of innocence. This story is so uniformly inspiring that it never fails to be mentioned among the best-loved books of…

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…and delivered straight to you. This 11" x 17" poster comes in full, crisp color, and makes an eye-popping presentation in any classroom or language arts setting. Show off your classroom with this vibrant Multiple Critical Perspectives poster for To Kill a Mockingbird! We have a wide variety of…

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…attention with these 11" x 17" posters, stylized to resemble gossip tabloids and front-page newspaper articles. Each title-specific set comes with three posters highlighting themes and events from the plot, and provides historical context to what your students are reading - without revealing…

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