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…survive. Undeterred by the challenges set before him, William used his knowledge of physics to build a functioning wind turbine to generate electricity for his family’s farm. This moving true story will inspire your students to use the power of curiosity and creativity for social betterment.

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The inspiring true story of Malala Yousafzai, a courageous student who defied the Taliban in pursuit of her right to an education, I Am Malala will resonate with any student who has faced discrimination—and help build empathy in those who haven’t. Malala’s story will also give your…

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…during the 19th century. Readers will be captivated by Gwynne’s retelling of the rise and fall of the Comanches, as well as the astounding true story of Cynthia Ann Parker, who was kidnapped by the Comanches, and her mixed-blood son Quanah. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback…

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…Harrison sought a mechanical solution. This book tells the dramatic story of Harrison’s forty-year obsession with building his perfect device, known today as the chronometer. Full of heroism and trickery, Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of…

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Expand your classroom library with this selection of nonfiction titles that cover famous true crime cases. This pack includes a copy of: * The 57 Bus* Always Running* Chasing Lincoln’s Killer* The Devil in the White City* In Cold Blood* Killers of the Flower Moon Note: Titles in Library Packs…

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…One of five books that follow the Witting family, Calebs Story is told from the point of view of the title character. Caleb tells the tale of the mysterious man who shows up in the family barn and what happens when they find out his true identity. Students will enjoy Calebs innocent tone and…

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…awards and has been included in two Top Ten lists. In the intervening years, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian has become a favorite in classrooms around the country. This compelling story of a teenage boy struggling to define his own identity as both a Native American and an…

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This historical account covers the true story of Ona Judge, an enslaved woman who planned a daring escape from George Washington’s estate after the American Revolution. When he was elected president, Washington left Mount Vernon, bringing his slaves, including Ona, with him to Philadelphia.…

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…fiction novel, True History of the Kelly Gang is told from the point of view of Ned Kelly, the Australian bushranger and folk hero. The book’s unconventional writing style and use of punctuation may make it somewhat challenging for students to read, but the action-packed story —…

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The true story of the riveting pursuit of Lincoln’s assassin, Chasing Lincoln’s Killer is based on immaculate research but reads like a fast-paced thriller. Adapted from Swanson’s best-selling book, Manhunt, this young-adult book is perfect if you’re looking for an American…

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Based on a true story and appropriate for young adult readers, Every Falling Star offers a firsthand account of life under the brutal regime of the North Korean government. As the son of a North Korean military officer, Sungju Lee lives a comfortable life in comparison to the average citizen. But…

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…of our most popular recent additions, Educated tells the true story of a young woman who graduated with a PhD from Cambridge despite having been raised by a family of isolated survivalists who didn’t believe in education. This story of overcoming an abusive and almost unbelievable background…

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