Virginia Woolf

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Though its fame as an icon of twentieth–century literature rests primarily on the brilliance of its narrative technique and the impressionistic beauty of its prose, To The Lighthouse is, above all, the story of a quest, and as such, it possesses a brave and magical universality. This book is…

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A friendly nightcap turns into an all–night attack session involving alcoholic bitterness, accusations of marital infidelity, and deliberate personal humiliation. This Tony Award–winning play, in which all of the characters’ weaknesses are laid bare, explores the complexities of a…

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…well-researched and interesting novel that draws on the life and works of Virginia Woolf. Intertwined with the story of two modern-day characters and woven together by the universal connection that all women share, Woolfs story is given voice and meaning that will keep the pages turning in your…

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Brief impressions and conversations, internal monologues, and letters convey the stream-of-consciousness story of a lonely young man unable to reconcile his classical ideals with the reality of World War I society. Your students will benefit from the sensitive development of character. This book is…

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LaVaughn is fifteen now, and she's still fiercely determined to go to college. But that's the only thing she's sure about. Loyalty to her father bubbles up as her mother grows closer to a new man. The two girls she used to do everything with have chosen a path LaVaughn wants no part of. And then…

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