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…death, life, and what it means to be truly alive. In Tuesdays with Morrie, Albom shares what he learned during these conversations and gives you wonderful opportunities for classroom discussions. Show your students how enjoyable studying Tuesdays with Morrie can be — and automatically save 35%…

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This is a great drama of the nobles’ rebellion against King Henry, complicated by his problems with his wayward son Prince Hal, with wonderful comic interludes featuring Sir John Falstaff. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback volume discounts. You'll always save at least 25% on…

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. and The Associated Press Guide to Punctuation offers arguably the pithiest yet clearest explanations of the basic as well as the finer points of punctuation that I have ever read. You'll soon be wondering how you ever got along without it.

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…story of a shipwrecked family--a minister, his wife, and four sons, Fritz, Ernest Francis, and Jack--who are cast up on a desert island, build a wonderful house in a tree, and survive so cleverly and happily apart from the world that they never want to be rescued. This book is eligible for Prestwick…

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…feminist, holds unorthodox views about her role in New Orleans’s male-dominated society and acts upon them in ways that will leave students wondering if she acted correctly or not. Our Literary Touchstone Classics are unabridged, complete texts, and come with unbelievable prices. Each book is…

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Two beloved and esteemed poets have collaborated on this intimate and useful anthology illuminating the history, practice, and wonder of our most elusive art. Intended for all those who love poetry, including teachers, readers, writers, and students, The Making of a Poem will be especially valued by…

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This popular novel from Kim Edwards, now a major motion picture, is a wonderful way to teach your students about changing social attitudes towards people with disabilities. When an abandoned infant with Downs Syndrome is left in her care, Caroline cannot bear to take her to an orphanage as…

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This wonderfully chilling novel, winner of the Hugo Award and the Bram Stoker Award for Best Work for Young Readers, has been likened to a modern–day version of Alice in Wonderland. The imaginative story of Coraline, a little girl who discovers an alternate world through a mysterious door in…

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This coming–of–age novel is a wonderful multicultural selection about a Cuban–Polish–American girl whose Cuban grandmother insists that her family hold a Quinceanera celebration to mark her 15th birthday. Although hesitant at first, Violet begins to research her roots,…

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…literature? You become the model. You keep and share a writer's notebook, and you share your thought process, making allusions to literature, film, TV, and personal experience. Then, you write-to critique, to respond, to expand. A wonderful teacher resource-better than any of my old methods books.

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…notorious killer is on the loose with a connection to Harry’s past. Your students will definitely get swept up in the magic, mystery, and wonderful fantasy of Harry’s world. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback volume discounts. You'll always save at least 25% on any…

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…Jerry ultimately strengthens his tormenter. The Chocolate War is a masterful exposé of the realities of conformity and peer pressure and a wonderful theme and character study for your more mature readers. The violence portrayed in the book may, however, be too strong for younger students.…

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