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Words, Words, Words is the vocabulary book for the teacher who hates vocabulary books! Twenty-nine thematically-grouped units (includes "How We Move," "How We Act," and "What We'd Like Said of Us"). From the very beginning, the units give the student a real technique to understand and remember the…

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This is probably one of the most comprehensive Shakespeare reference books I have seen. Not only does it provide an exhaustive glossary of words whose definitions are sure to challenge your comfortable, established understanding of the plays, but it is also replete with essential and fascinating…

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Included are some of the greatest speeches given in American history. Take a glimpse at some of the most famous speeches by Theodore Roosevelt, Booker T. Washington, Joseph McCarthy, Bill Clinton, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and many more. This book is eligible for Prestwick House paperback volume…

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Improve writing for students at any skill level with the Using Words Effectively eLesson from PrestwickHouse.com! Taken from our Mastery of Writing program, this e-Lesson includes an introduction to the concept, with examples, reproducible handouts for student practice correcting problems in sample…

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This revised edition of Hot Words will definitely appeal to those teachers who want vocabulary lessons organized around words with similar meanings. Many teachers have requested this type of organization, and Barron's has come up with a logical framework for it. Also included in the book are…

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…the fundamentals of how words are formed using this fun, easy-to-follow series! Filled with dozens of visual learning tools like reproducible word webs, graphic organizers, and cartoons that will help students organize and remember new information, Rockin Root Words provides students with crucial…

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…Essential Words, vocabulary study has a slightly different slant. The authors break each lesson into typical use in sentences, contextual applications of the words, and student-generated sentences. One word in each lesson is explained in more detail. The book contains 42 lessons of 12 words each.…

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Provide your students with extra practice with the Spelling Practice for Commonly Misspelled Words eLesson from Prestwick House! This reproducible includes practice tests and answers keys for grades 9-12 with over 135 different words per grade level (30 pages).

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Focus your students at the beginning of class or wrap up the last five minutes with the Fast Start Prompts for Commonly Confused Words eLesson! This package of prompts focuses on some of spellings most challenging aspects to provide you with a variety of ready-to-use, quick activities (24 pages).

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Improve your students' test-taking and language arts skills in just minutes a day with over 180 ready-to-use exercises based on national and state standards. Ranging from writing prompts and editing exercises to mythology and vocabulary practice, Daily Warm-Ups are the perfect way to center students…

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Lena can recite the Scriptures by heart. Hoping to make her adored Papa proud of her and to make her white classmates notice her Magic Mind, not her black skin, Lena vows to win the Bible-quoting contest. But winning does not bring Lena what she expected. Instead of honor, violence and death erupt…

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At last, a book that provides students with concrete strategies for revising and rewriting their papers. While a leaner book would have been more useful, solid strategies can easily be drawn from this book.

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