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…Informative, Persuasive, and Research writing. College and Career Readiness: Writing will help you: * Align your daily, weekly, and monthly unit plans with the Common Core State Standards* Give students indispensable practice in the full scope of writing that will be expected of them after high…

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The fourteen focused writing lessons in our classic reproducible program, Mastery of Writing are now available in PowerPoint format. Designed to make it easy for a teacher to share the lessons in the reproducible book, these PowerPoints were made to be used with the reproducible program.

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…young writers. There are reproducible Checklists, Feedback Opportunities, and, importantly, Writing Practices that students will relate to easily. Forney covers a great deal of what you need to get your classes writing better and more coherently, while making sure they enjoy it at the same time.

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…"library report" and "I-Search" paper, there's often a huge gap until all of a sudden you're supposed to teach your college-prep seniors how to write a full-fledged research paper. Middle-school and early high school teachers shy away from the research paper because the texts are either too childish…

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If the thought of writing assignments fill your students with dread, never fear. Painless Writing is here to give you everything you need to make writing fun and easy. The entertaining and informative approach taken in this book will help your students move from dull mechanical composition to clear…

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…than 100 step-by-step lessons to help students begin writing better immediately. Designed for working with individuals or an entire class. Includes character sketches, personal narratives, sentence structure, description, persuasion, writing letters, short fiction, poetry, and peer editing. (Grades…

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An individualized collection of grammar and usage activities. It can be a class text, or it can be a collection of reproducibles to distribute to students at need. Problems addressed include subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement, punctuation, sentence fragments, parallelism, and more.

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…critically, comprehend written language, and communicate effectively through writing. This guide provides comprehensive diagnostic tools to conduct purposeful writing assessment within the three major areas of writing: focus and organization, style and composition, and conventions and mechanics.…

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Teach your students to analyze their writing through the thirty-two writing examples with daily questions in Daily Writing Fundamentals. These books provide daily, systematic, and scaffolded skills practice of five daily questions and writing applications focusing on narrative, persuasive, and…

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It'd be difficult to find a more informative book at this low price that will teach your students to write better sentences. The lessons can, indeed, be completed in approximately 30 minutes, and the book covers nearly all the problems young writers encounter: too many simple sentences, comma use,…

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Starting from a writing sample or diagnostic test, you can improve student writing by targeting individual writing weaknesses with focused instruction. With fourteen units on topics as varied as avoiding tense shifts and proof-reading, this package includes lessons, practice activities, and mastery…

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