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Build a powerful vocabulary for students in grades 4-6 using step-by-step lessons and easy-to-implement, standards-based strategies. Complete with dozens of activities and helpful teacher assessments, answer keys, and a bonus resource CD filled with tips, tricks, and extra practice, this series has…

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…students through vocabulary building, Vocabulary Power focuses on word attack rather than mere word and definition memorization. Understanding prefixes, suffixes, part-of-speech variants, and words in context are all included in the reproducible exercises that will make vocabulary study a cinch for…

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Try the vocabulary book that has helped millions of students: the Vocabulary Power Plus Classic, formerly titled Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT. Whether you’re looking to improve test scores, reading skills, or writing practice, you will have everything your students need for vocabulary

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Imagine a vocabulary program so engaging and memorable that your students are clamoring to work ahead! Vocabulary in Context: Wilderness Survival introduces over 125 vocabulary words in the high-interest context of a wilderness survival manual, and uses the classroom-proven lessons of Vocabulary for…

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Focus your students at the beginning of class or wrap up the last five minutes with the Fast Start Prompts for Vocabulary eLesson! This package of prompts focuses on specific aspects of word acquisition to provide you with a variety of ready-to-use, quick activities (8 pages).

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Some students need a little boost where learning vocabulary is concerned. Standards-Based Vocabulary will help students whose lexicons may not be as developed as those of their peers. Standards-Based Vocabulary expands your students' vocabularies and teaches crucial vocabulary-building skills.…

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…Growing Your Vocabulary - Book A, click here. The earlier students begin working on developing their vocabulary, the stronger their reading and writing skills will be in the future. Set your 4th-grade students on the right path with Growing Your Vocabulary. Book A organizes vocabulary words by Latin…

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…and understandings* Broaden their vocabulary in and out of the classroom Teach vocabulary and boost critical reading and writing skills with Vocabulary Power Plus Classic, the perfect tool for vocabulary instruction. This is the single student edition of Vocabulary Power Plus Classic for 12th grade.…

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…graders learned an average of 147 SAT-level words. My kids got A's and B's; that includes my lower-level students as well." Expand a student's vocabulary and burn it in with associative mnemonic words and images that are proven to be effective. learn hundreds of SAT words fast with easy memory…

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…grade level of Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots, was formerly known as Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots - Level III. Not every teacher understands how powerful roots-based vocabulary instruction can be. Give your 9th grade students the most effective and powerful vocabulary instruction…

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…with over 180 ready-to-use exercises based on national and state standards. Ranging from writing prompts and editing exercises to mythology and vocabulary practice, Daily Warm-Ups are the perfect way to center students before class, wrap up the last few minutes of the period, or even to extend…

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